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Tell The Truth About Me Group Show

Oct 7 – January 31, 2017

This Hair Deserves a March

“For Black girls whose name never lands safe on a anyone’s tongue, don’t settle for syllable short, praise the rubber in your neck your ashy knees and elbows, your missing edges, from the times you didn’t love yourself, your finger waves and doobie wraps and all that, everything they forget is magic till a white girl find it, you laugh, when they say they found you, like you ever been lost, like they don’t know where you be at, where you been, starving, leaving your bones as proof, miracles are real”- curator, Yaya Bey

This Hair Deserves a March exhibit (front gallery) that artistically responds to the invasive images that programmatically push European beauty bias, featuring works by Lakela Brown, Alanna Fields, and internationally recognized and award-winning photographer Nakeya Brown.

Like Blood From a Stone

“I resurrect without you, you didn’t wait for me, don’t play me, don’t lie to them, tell the truth about, this ain’t a choice no more, this is in defense of my life” – curator, Yaya Bey

Like Blood from a Stone exhibit (back gallery), an intersectional exploration of Black women identities, featuring works by Adrienne Gaither, Muse, Kokumo Kinetic and award-winning photographer and activist Shan Wallace.

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