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The Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center at North Brentwood, Inc. (PGAAMCC) in North Brentwood, MD provides a setting for community events and functions. The Executive Director or designated employee is responsible for permitting use of PGAAMCC spaces, managing all details of the event and providing on-site coordination. To ensure the safety of our guests and preserve our facility the following policies and procedures will be strictly enforced.

Eligible Users and Uses:

PGAAMCC’s mission is to celebrate and inspire the Community through the cultivation, preservation, and presentation of cultural and artistic contributions of African Americans in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  Therefore, the facility may not be used for activities deemed inappropriate by the PGAAMCC’s Executive Director.  Priority for use is given to events in support of the museum’s mission.  The following are examples of the types of groups that can use PGAAMCC:

  • 501(c)3 Community-based and professional organizations  (Taxpayer Identification Number Required or your Internal Revenue Tax Status Letter)
  • Other Non-profit organizations
  • For-profit organizations


  1. Review and fill out the GALLERY SPACE USE POLICY and return to: Gallery Coordinator or (authorized designee/Event Coordinator) at North Brentwood Inc.  Email: tsanders@pgaamcc.org  
  2. Cancellation Policy: PGAAMCC reserves the right to cancel the event with as much notice as  practical.  Cancellations within five (5) full business days of the event will receive 75% refund of the cost of the facility.  All other cancellations will not be subject to a refund. Upon cancellation, fees will be returned minus any expenses incurred.
  3. Reservations for space are guaranteed only when a confirmation letter has been issued. The letter will include any rental fee amount. Payment of the rental, cleaning, furniture and security fees are due in full, 14 days prior to the event. Make checks payable to: PGAAMCC (separate check for damage deposit made payable to Prince George’s African American Museum at PGAAMCC address listed above.


Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center

4519 Rhode Island Avenue, North Brentwood, MD 20722

Phone (301) 809-0440  |  Fax (301) 403-1382

Guarantees: The user’s authorized representative and the designated PGAAMCC representative must approve final plans 14 days prior to the event. This includes all arrangements for suppliers, subcontractors, musicians, deliveries, security services provided, clean- up plan, etc. Any changes requested within the 14-day period will be evaluated and reasonable efforts will be made to comply. Additional charges may be incurred as a result of these changes. PGAAMCC reserves the right to disallow any changes to the original